Meal Plans

Growth, Define or Nourish! Do you want to gain muscle, reduce body fat, or cleanse your body?

All of our meals have been designed by our qualified Nutritionist Ashleigh Schnieder to support specific goals sets or allow you to cycle through all three streams as you completely re-compose your body.

For example, bulk up with our Growth meals (high protein, high carb, big calorie), lean down on our Define meals (high healthy fats, low carb, low calorie), and then cleanse your body with our Nourish meals (macro-nutrient balanced medium calorie), which also happen to be vegan friendly.

All or our meals will not only support your goal sets but they are fresh and delicious also. At Muscle Bar we will never deep-fry, boil or microwave your food and it will always be provided fresh not frozen. Order online now so you can taste, see and feel the difference in yourself in weeks not months!