Gen-Tec Nutrition's TR3 - Total recovery phase 3 has been designed for anyone that's wants to improve recovery, increase strength and lean muscle mass.
Gen-Tec TR3 is an advanced post workout recovery formula that contains the perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates to provide your body with everything needed to recover and incease lean muscle mass.
TR3 contains only top quality fast digesting proteins  of free form amino acids, di and tri preptide's (hydrolysed WPI) and WPI for a fast direct replenishment of the body's amino acid pool to craete a positive nitrogen balance.
TR3 contains a carbohydrate blend of 85% maltodextrin, 10% fructose and 5% dexrose monohydrate. When it comes to Glycogen replenishment, TR3 has got it covered whilst  creating the crucial anabolic drive post workout.
Available in 3 flavours: Watermelon, Banana and Mixed Berry
GEN-TEC Nutrition’s PSYCHED 2.0 -
A unique pre-workout formulation created for people engaging in high-intensity training with objectives of improved performance and lean muscle mass. The synergistic combination of ingredients in PSYCHED 2.0 have been paired to aid focus/vigilance and energy levels while promoting an increased muscular pump throughout weight training. PSYCHED 2.0 is reinforced with C and B group vitamins to assist adrenal function and decrease post-exercise fatigue.
Creapure by GENTEC is the premium brand for creatine worldwide and is manufactured exclusively in Germany. When it comes to manufacturing creatine, no other brand combines the three pillars of quality the way Creapure® does:
  • careful selection of raw materials
  • high-performance technology thanks to sophisticated process engineering under GMP conditions
  • precise chemical analysis
This is why Creapure® is the safest and most effective creatine on the market. 
SUGGESTED USE: Mix 3g of Creapure® in 150mL non-acidic fruit juice or water 30 minutes before exercise. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.