Growth 6 Day Meal Plan (Male) - Lunch & Dinner (12 meals) per week


Our Growth meal plans are perfect for those wanting to build muscle while staying reasonably lean. Each meal is high protein / high carb and low fat providing excellent muscle building macros for our customers wanting to pack on mass.

Please contact us to book in for your FREE BODY SCAN (InBody 570) with our QUALIFIED NUTRITIONIST (Ashleigh), so we can dial in your daily snacks, drinks and supplements (Members Only).

Available in male and female plans with the option of either Breakfast and Lunch, Lunch and Dinner,  or Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 6 days a week.

Meals are prepared and cooked fresh every 2 days, and collected or delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Each bag contains a 2 day allocation of fresh meals.

Meals ordered by 5 pm each Friday will be delivered or available for collection every Monday, Wednesday and Friday commencing on the Monday following your first order.

Collection options are:
103 Melbourne Street North Adelaide - 6am to 6pm (Mon/Wed/Fri)
94 Newton Road Campbelltown - 6am to 8am and 4:30pm - 7pm (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Note: Meals are required to be collected in Muscle Bar cooler bags. The first 2 bags are provided FREE of charge. Any lost or damaged bags (or bags not provided by delivery / pickup time) will incur an $9 bag replacement fee.